Prof. Dr. Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi


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Working Papers

As California Goes, So Goes the Nation? Board Gender Quotas and Shareholders’ Distaste of Government Interventions.
v. Meyernick, F., Niessen-Ruenzi, A., Schmid, M. und Solomon, S. D. (2023).
R&R at the Journal of Accounting and Economics

In-group bias on financial markets.
Jannati, S., Kumar, A., Niessen-Ruenzi, A. und Wolfers, J. (2023).
R&R at Management Science

Gender Stereotypes in Financial Advertisements.
Langer, L. und Niessen-Ruenzi, A. (2024).

Productivity Changes around Childbirth: Evidence from the Mutual Fund Industry.
Ginzinger, L., Li, K., Niessen-Ruenzi, A. und Wang. G. (2024)

The Gender Investment Gap: Reasons and Consequences.
Niessen-Ruenzi, A. und Zimmerer, L. (2024).

Do Women Need to Provide More Skill Signals to Advance Their Careers?
Niessen-Ruenzi, A., Zimmerer, L. (2023). 

Financial Socialization and the Gender Investment Gap.
Niessen-Ruenzi, A. und Mueden, V. (2023).

Public Child Care Provision and the Motherhood Penalty.
Chhaochharia, V., Ghosh, S., Niessen-Ruenzi, A. und Schneider, C. (2022).  

A friendly turn: advertising bias in the news media.
Focke, F., Niessen-Ruenzi, A. und Ruenzi, S. (2016).  

Corporate fraud risk and stock market performance
Jaroszek, L., Niessen-Ruenzi, A. und Ruenzi, S. (2016).

Contagious Negative Sentiment and Corporate Policies: Evidence from Local Bankruptcy Filings.
Niessen-Ruenzi, A., Addoum, J. M. und Le, N. (2014).  

The impact of work group diversity on performance: Large sample evidence from the mutual fund industry.
Bär, M., Niessen-Ruenzi, A. und Ruenzi, S. (2008). 

Media Coverage and Macroeconomic Information Processing.
Niessen-Ruenzi, A. (2007).  

How do self-fulfilling prophecies affect financial ratings? An experimental study.
Celjo-Hörhager, S. und Niessen-Ruenzi, A. (2006).